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Individual Under 65 Solutions

What We Offer

We help you find the right plan to fit your needs.

Weather it is short term plan dental or vision, UHC may have what you are looking for.

Short Term Medical

Schedule a time to discuss. In between jobs or need temporary coverage? These plans may fill the gap. Schedule a call.

Ameritas is more like the classic dental insurance coverage that you may be used to. They'll cover preventative (cleanings, for example) right out of the gate at 100%. You can get both dental and vision with these plans but must have an in network provider.

Spirit Dental uses the Ameritas network but has a larger benefit option.

You can use Manhattan at any provider you would like, but you can also opt for using a provider that user the Carington network for further discounts.

Direct Vision offers affordable, hassle-free vision insurance.

Cancer, Heart, & Critial Illness

Whether it's cancer or a heart attack, adding these types of policies will help with your out-of-pocket costs. Schedule a call.

Discover practical tools to control your healthcare and more, like pet car discounts in one easy membership.

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